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9 Questions that help you choose the right Shipping Carrier

For gaining more profit in an Ecommerce business, one thing that we should always stress on is choosing the right shipping carrier.

Choosing the best shipping carrier not only helps you save money but also increases customer satisfaction.

And to make an Ecommerce business profitable and successful, customer satisfaction is the key.

Once you satisfy customers for every purchase they made, you are earning loyal customers.  

And for earning loyal customers and making a profit, choosing the right shipping carrier also matter.

In this article, I will throw the light on the ways that you should consider before choosing an Ecommerce shipping carrier.

Following are the questions you need to ask yourself before venturing out to find the best carrier.

Shipping carrier

1. What kind of product are you going to ship?

There can be certain restrictions for the type of products you’re selling, such as food supplements, perfumes, or hazardous substances from the carrier side. 

There are also such carriers that deny the shipping of costly and fragile products.

You must search for the carrier based on the product that you are going to ship, and confirm before starting to deliver with them.

2. Do you ship to local addresses or international zip codes?

If you are shipping to an international location, then you should choose a carrier that is well-versed with the customs and taxes of the countries in which your products are to be delivered. Never go for a carrier who is a novice in it.

3. What is the track record of the shipping carrier?

Reputation is one of the crucial factors. If a carrier delivering your shipment at cheaper rates but the track record of that carrier is not satisfactory, try not to opt that carrier.

There are ample of carriers in the market, always go for one which has good 

  • Customers reviews on various shipping carrier listings
  • Ratings on shipping directories
  • Google Ratings 

4. In what time my shipment will deliver?

Your customer wants an order to reach them in no time and to meet their demand and expectation; you have to choose a carrier that will be quick and cost-efficient.

To know the best time to deliver in the best delivery fee, Shipping calculator comes into the picture.
Shipping Calculator used to calculate delivery charge and time to deliver the package. It takes the ship from, ship to and package information to show the carrier name, delivery days, and delivery fees as a result.

5. What kind of service will the shipping carrier provide?

Services depend on the carrier you choose and services categorized based on; the size of the parcel, speed of the delivery, and fees charged by the shipper.

For Example:

Services provided by USPS:

Priority Mail Express: 

Shape: 70 lbs or less

Speed: 1 or 2 days

Cost: based on weight and distance

Priority Mail:

Shape: 70 lbs or less

Speed: 1, 2, 3 days on average

Cost: based on weight, shape, and distance

First-Class Mail:

Shape: 13 oz or less

Speed: 1-3 days

Cost: based on weight and shape

USPS Retail Ground:

Shape: 70 lbs or less

Speed: 2-8 days

Cost: based on weight, shape, and distance

Media Mail

Shape: 70 lbs or less

Speed: 2-8 days

Cost: based on weight

Similarly, many carriers provide services, as shown, with different names, and minimal changes in shape, speed and cost parameters.

Go for a carrier that best suits your business!

6. Does shipping carrier provide Live Rates?

Many carriers provide live rates by putting the weight of the product, destination, and other details onto their websites. It helps to know the exact amount to be paid for shipping in no time, thus allowing you to charge your customers accordingly.

7. Is the shipping carrier proven to be a Convenient one?

A carrier that can pick up the order from your office, stockroom, or warehouse can save a lot of your time, money, and effort in traveling or even wait in line.

8. Does the shipping carrier provide insurance?

If your business requires the insurance, then you should go for a carrier that offers it, thus giving you and your customers peace of mind. 

Ask your carrier what type of insurance you are getting- Declared value coverage or Cargo insurance.

Declared value coverage is limited to the time the package is in possession by the single carrier and given only if the shipper was able to prove that the carrier was negligent.

However, Cargo Insurance covers a package throughout its journey from pickup to delivery across multiples carriers, whether or not the loss or damage was due to any carrier’s negligence.

9. How does shipping carrier determine their pricing?

The final and most important question to consider, as this will be a deciding point as to which shipping carrier to choose. 

Which one to choose Flat Rate or Standard Rate Shipping?

Flat Rate Shipping: It offers a fixed shipping rate for all types of packages, irrespective of the weight, size, and other dimensions.

When you go for a flat rate shipping method, you can give your customers a fixed rate and can be able to calculate your expenditure accordingly.

Another benefit is that you would not need to change the price of products to counteract the shipping cost again and again.

Standard Rate Shipping: It offers a variable shipping rate for all packages depending on the weight, size, and other dimensions.

In comparison to Flat rate shipping, we use standard shipping primarily for premier shipping.

In the case of Flat rate shipping, there are predetermined delivery time and shipping fees based on the shipping zones.

As a result, flat rate shipping is ideal if you need to deliver to a destination that comes under those shipping zones.  

If you are offering free shipping, then you have to compute profits beforehand and chose a carrier that will prove to be profitable for your business.

shipping carrier

By now, you have gathered enough knowledge to choose the right carrier for your eCommerce business. On successfully integrating a carrier, you’ll be going to reduce operating costs, reduce transit time, and win loyal customers.  

Shobit Gupta

Shobit Gupta

Being a Marketing Expert for an eCommerce business, Shobit loves to help entrepreneurs with everything they need to know to build their own business. A belief that is driving his life towards success - "Business is in my blood, and I will toil for anyone who carries the same belief."

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